Full Memorials We Provide.

Special and Custom.


Custom made natural stone memorial plaques. Designer Engravings offers a wide selection of natural stones and a choice of numerous fonts & designs. Servicing direct to families, funeral directors and churches. Often each cemetery and church will have their own specification for a memorial – let us guide you and help you create a beautiful lasting memory.


If you have laid the ashes to rest at a church or a cemetery or maybe you have scattered the ashes in that person’s favourite place; sometimes travelling to that place is not always possible and so it can give great comfort to create a corner of your garden to the memory of your loved one - somewhere to sit and remember that person. Creating a garden memorial can give you a special “living” memorial – plant their favourite plants, perhaps setup a water feature, a bird bath, a bench, and such and mark the garden with a beautiful natural stone memorial in their remembrance.


If you have opted for a burial of your loved one, there is often a period of time that needs to be allowed for between the time of burial and the erection of a headstone. A temporary grave marker is designed to clearly mark the grave during that time.

Babies and Children.

At Memorials of Distinction we endeavour to offer as much choice as possible when it comes to gravestone and headstone styles. While we are confident that you will find one that fits the memory of your departed loved one, we understand that the choice can be overwhelming – which is why we offer specialist ranges such as our children’s headstones.


Full-size cremation urns are the right choice when you want to put the entire volume of ashes into a single urn. Typically, these urns hold between 200 to 220 cubic inches of ashes--the volume of ashes resulting from the cremation of a full-size human adult. 

Full-size urns are available for sale in several different materials. The most common materials are wood, metal, glass, ceramic, pottery and stone. The material you select will depend, in large part, by your intended use for the urn. If you plan to keep the urn at home and display it, you may want to consider purchasing an urn made by an artist. Often called Funerary art, these urns typically do not look like urns at all. In fact, people may not even know it is an urn unless you tell them. Other uses might include, using the urn as the focal point of the funeral, burial of the urn in the ground, bridgeable urn burial, burial at sea and other uses.

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