The Benefits of Choosing a Granite Headstone

If you are in the process of arranging the funeral for a loved one, you may be looking for advice on headstone selection.

With so much logistics to consider during this already difficult time, we want to help make your choice as easy and stress-free as possible.

Granite is an extraordinary material. in tombstones and memorials due to its superior durability, classic aesthetics , and versatility of
. Below we outline the benefits of choosing granite for a memorial stone, giving you a quick and easy overview of this material.

A durable Keepsakes for your loved ones

When choosing a memorial stone, durability is one of the key factors to consider.

You want the monument to be durable, retain its aesthetic appeal and withstand the elements of Auckland - rain, hail, or sun.

Granite is one of the most durable stones, making it an excellent material for memorial stones. Unlike slate, it does not crack and discolor like marble. It is a much stronger material than sandstone, which tends to deteriorate over time.

A stone with a unique aesthetic appeal

We understand that you have a beautiful
monument want to create for your home beloved. to reflect your individuality.

Granite comes in a variety of colors to choose from and each stone displays unique colored patches and streaks. This means that each granite tombstone is different from the next, giving the monument a very special and unique aesthetic appeal.

Granite can also be airbrushed by specialized workers to add artwork, what's more, Individuality lends to the piece.

A versatile material for carving and engraving

Granite is a very effective material for carving, engraving, and engraving, making it perfect for tombstones.

Even sandblasting and laser engraving can be successfully performed on granite and are common practices for commemorative pieces.

This allows you to create beautiful, personalized inscriptions on your loved one's stone that will maintain a lasting aesthetic appeal.

Auckland's Finest Granite Headstones

The memorial shrines offer individually designed Headstones in both granite and marble with a variety of color and style options.

With 20 years of experience in the industry and the largest selection of headstones in Auckland, you can count on Sanctuary Memorials for quality workmanship and attentive customer service.

1. Granite offers durability and longevity

Of course, one of the main considerations when choosing a monument is its longevity. When you buy a headstone or memorial bench, you want it to last as long as possible. Plus, you want it not only to last for years, but also to keep its shine for as long as possible. This makes granite an ideal material for a monument!

Unlike many other materials, granite does not discolour, deteriorate or crack. In addition, its resilience to inclement weather is far superior to the alternatives. Granite headstones, with their epitaphs and inscriptions, remain attractive and intact for many, many years.

In addition, granite headstones inherently resist the discoloration and deterioration that plagues other memorial materials between seasons . One also a href="https://www.”>The material of the long-lasting gravestone is bronze. However, over time, the bronze loses its luster and discolors. This will ruin the appearance of tombstones and tombstones in the long run.

Granite Bench Cleaning: Before and After

2. Granite is easy to clean and maintain

Of course we want our monuments to remain in excellent condition for as long as possible. Regular cleaning and care is part of making sure they stay beautiful. The tombstones show the weather they endured. However, granite is a much easier material to clean and maintain. Therefore, it is much easier to maintain beauty.

Should a granite tombstone become filled with hard water, moss, or other debris, it is fairly easy to restore it to its original beauty. A little water, a clean cloth, and some dish soap are all you need to remove the buildup and restore the headstone's radiant craftsmanship.

3. Granite is versatile

When it comes to materials, granite is the perfect choice for designing cemetery monuments. Artists and technicians can seamlessly perform high-precision
laser engraving and polishing techniques on granite.

As a result, the tombstone can have virtually any image, symbol, or inscription desired. Today, these techniques are the collective standard for excellent monument craftsmanship.

This kind of versatility gives you the most diverse options when designing a monument. Basically, you can order a headstone as specific, personalized , and meaningful as you want. Granite memorials give bereaved families the opportunity to create tombstones with virtually any image, inscription, or epitaph from
that they want.

You also have the option to add new letters in the future if needed.

4. Timeless Beauty

Beauty may be the simplest of these benefits, but it is certainly one of the most important. Of course, nobody wants a headstone for their loved one that is overwhelmingly boring or uncomfortable to look at. We want our loved ones' memorials to be the perfect representation of their lives, their legacy, and their lasting impact on our lives.

Therefore they should look as gorgeous as our sweetheart deserves. This is another key advantage of granite when making tombstones: it is simply the most beautiful variety.

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